​​​Proof-of-concept based on an original feature screenplay written by E.B. Rhee & Aaron Strongoni.


THE GARDEN from EBR on Vimeo.

Logline:  After learning that the sun is dying, a group of explorers set out into deep space in search of a new home for humanity.

Copyright @ The Garden short film. All rights reserved.

Made for a shoestring budget with credit cards and small donations, the vast majority of the cast & crew are friends who worked on this pro bono.  My writing partner and I first wrote a feature script, and in an effort to draw some attention to it, we decided to make this to give potential investors a tiny glimpse of what the movie could be like.  Since we couldn't afford to hire a VFX company, the visuals are intentionally stylized and obviously not final (you'll have to wait for the feature version for that).